Comprehensive emergency drill of Hunan Xinkesi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in 2020

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2022-01-14 17:25

2020 Hunan Xinkesi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. sulfuric acid leakage emergency drill

I. Purpose of the exercise

     1,   In order to implement the safety production policy of "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management", standardize the company's emergency management of production safety accidents, improve emergency response speed and Coordination level, enhance on-site emergency response capabilities, follow the principles of people-oriented, unified command, hierarchical responsibility, unit self-rescue, internal rescue and government external rescue;
     2,   Verify the integrity of emergency facilities and the feasibility of emergency plans.

Second, practice time

      December 12, 2020 at 9 am

III. Location of the exercise

     Hunan Xinkesi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Hazardous Chemicals Tank Farm

4. Participants

      Emergency drill commander: Yang Wanxi (General Manager)
     Responsibilities: Responsible for organizing and directing the entire on-site drill, issuing orders and starting plans according to on-site conditions.
     Deputy Commander: Xu Guojian (Deputy General Manager)
     Responsibilities: According to the command of the commander-in-chief, command, coordinate, exercise, arrange and arrange work.
     Each emergency team work and responsibilities:
    1.     Communication:     Yang Guanbo     >     2 、   Rescue Team :  Chen He    Chen Peng, Li Guorong, Guo Jianwei, Li Wenhong, He Wenfeng, Hu Yuzhi    Responsible for on-site search and rescue of the wounded Scheduling work such as start-up and shutdown of the production system and emergency repairs;
    3  、  Fire team:    clean up;

    4 、    Alert Team:   Chen Zhong      Site order, guide personnel to evacuate and evacuate to a safe place;
    5 、   Material Support Team:    Hu Dongbiao    Peng Shijun, Zhou Ronghui, Zhang Jianliang, Luo Jun, Chen Wenliang, Chen Sifang     supply;

    6   、 .Medical rescue team:   Hu Yongquan   first aid;
    7   , Environmental Monitoring Team:    Wang Yuhua     Yin Hui, Tan Lan, Zhou Lianhua, Pan Hongxia    Responsible for the environmental impact monitoring after the accident;
    8   , Accident investigation team:    Zhao Wanliang    Guo Qing, Ma Canjun    Responsible for investigating and verifying the accident and submitting an investigation and handling report.

V. Exercise requirements

     Participants wear work clothes, keep communication smooth, timely, and clear instructions. They arrive at the scene nervously, quickly, with a serious and realistic attitude, and obey the instructions. After the exercise, the equipment is completely restored to its original position. During the emergency rescue process, any unit and personnel in the company must obey the unified command of the emergency rescue command and leading group, and must not block or refuse any materials, equipment, personnel and occupied sites called by the emergency rescue command and leading group.

Six, equipment preparation

     Banner (office), 1 megaphone, 1 whistle, fire fighting equipment, ambulance equipment, lime sand (emergency office, property management department, logistics department)

VII. Simulate accident scenarios
     At 9:00 am on December 12, 2020, all the staff of the sulfuric acid tank area of ​​Hunan Xinkesi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. gathered     When the operators were unloading sulfuric acid, the on-site material manager Chen Sifang suddenly found that there was a small hole in the connecting pipe between the acid unloading intermediate barrel and the sulfuric acid tank, and sulfuric acid was sprayed out. A large amount of sulfuric acid overflowed from the acid unloading intermediate tank. Due to the burns caused by the sprayed sulfuric acid, Chen Sifang immediately asked the acid unloading operators to stop the pump truck unloading acid, and reported to Hu Dongbiao, the head of the property management section, and Chen He, the manager of the production department, for emergency rescue.

       Chen He, Manager of the Production Department, immediately started the workshop-level (level III) on-site disposal plan after arriving at the accident scene, and organized the emergency personnel of the Production Department to first The injured person was transferred to a safe point. Due to the large amount of sulfuric acid leakage on the ground of the intermediate tank, the maintenance personnel could not enter the intermediate tank for emergency repair. After Chen He, the manager of the production department, immediately reported to the company's emergency command team, the general manager Yang Wanxi issued an order to start the operation immediately. Company-level (level II) emergency plan.

     The medical ambulance team immediately carried the wounded away from the accident scene on a stretcher, and carried out debridement and treatment according to the degree of injury of the wounded;     Casualty

       The vigilance team immediately organized the operators near the acid tank area to quickly evacuate the operation site to a safe place, and pulled up the cordon      The rescue team instructed to urgently seal the leak of the pipeline, pending repair. The repairer issued a special work permit and put on chemical protective clothing to seal the leak of the pipeline      The rescue team plugged the leak point of the pipeline      The fire team sprinkled sand and lime on the floor of the intermediate pool to neutralize it, and then rinsed it with new water and flushed the water pump into the workshop emergency pool;     The members of the environmental monitoring team conducted a survey on the leakage area and the ground after the Environmental Impact Monitoring;      Clean up the site

      At the end of the exercise, the number of participants gathers, and the commander-in-chief summarizes and comments on the exercise


                                                                                    December 12, 2009